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[OOC: Week 1 (Day 43-49) Tracking Post]

Day 43

- New game start!
- Raz. There will be monsters in this game. Cool.
- Kitty Pryde. Developer in-jokes?
- Sam & not Max. The dialogue trees in this game are pretty detailed...
- Indiana Jones joined the party! I'm sure he's thrilled.
- Some Dick. Scott makes an ass of himself. What else is new?

- M101-M110 Hallway. Indy comes to pick him up like the good babysitter he is.
- M-C Block Hallway. Sooooo. What do you do for a living?
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Weapons first, beatings later.
- West Wing, South Hall 1-B. Landel's Damned: the only survival-horror game with Smell-o-vision! Mm mm, it's like those dead bats are right there with you!
- Main Hallway, 1-West. Don't freak out on me, man.
- Main Hallway, 2-West. Giant throat hallway. Huh.
- Main Hallway, 2-Center. Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can...
- East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor]. Scott Pilgrim used Hi Jump Kick! It missed! Scott Pilgrim kept going and crashed!
- Janitor's Closet. Wait... so it isn't a game???

- Konami Code
- Sam looking for Max
- Aliases?
- Go Turks!
- Braaaains
- Beer is yucky
- Subspace doors
- Crossovers
- One word
- Stalker Scott
- Cut down on the strikeouts
- Crossover within a crossover
- Trans-for-mers!

Day 44

- Sora. One upside of this not being a game: meeting game heroes in the flesh.
- Haseo. Fellow gamerdude with a very different problem.

- Reassuring Spider-man (and getting an autograph)

Day 45

- "Frank" (Forte). First genuine patient NPC?
- "Pokey" (Porky). This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Totally.
- "Nightcrawler" (Kurt). Lying to a childhood hero. Good job, Scott.
- "Indy" (Indiana Jones) and Tetris. It's as awesome as it sounds.

- M101-M110 Hallway. Hey, sweet! New costume unlocked!
- M-C Block Hallway. Passin' through.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Stop being so slow, slowbie.
- West Wing, South Hall 1-B. Meets up with Indy before they hear yelling in the next hall over and run to help. They arrive just in time to do absolutely nothing.

- Note for Indy + Does Landel wear glasses?
- Near fourth-walling
- A more serious reply to Lugnut
- Shatner is as Shatner does

Day 46

- Keman and Indy. Keman is not from Lord of the Rings.
- Sam. Still no Max, and Sam has a few missing days, too.

- M81-M90 Hallway. It was the turkey all along.
- West Wing, North Hallway 1-B. Stretchy hallway.
- West Wing, South Hallway 1-B. And walking. And walking.
- Main Hallway, 1-West. Where am I going again? Oh hey, some guy (Remy)!
- Main Hallway, 1-Center. Swapping tales of cooking and bob-ombs.
- Sun Room. SPECIAL COUNSELLING FIGHT! Scott Pilgrim, Sora, and Soma vs. Red Douche (aka: Jason Todd/Red Hood)! Spectators: Remy and Meche in the Cafeteria! In this fight, Scott gets shot twice, once through the shoulder and once across the leg. This will be the source of much agonizing and whining over the next several days.
- Cafeteria. So how about that food?

- Band talk
- Watch out! It's that one really fat guy!
- Does that mean I win?

Day 47

- Forte. For real this time.
- Keman, Indy, and Peter. First ever complete convening of The Strictly Platonic Family.
- Porky. Stop lying, you lying liarface!
- Remy. Not quite a meeting since I failed this shift.
- Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate™. I'm Scott Pilgrim, Mighty Bassist™.

- M81-M90 Hallway. Hobbling off into that good night.
- M-C Block Hallway. Pee: Y/N? ...N.
- West Wing, North Hallway 1-B. So which way to the ladies, huh?
- West Wing, South Hallway 1-B. Female Block door get!
- F-A Block Hallway. Are there any girls here? 'Cause if there are I wanna do theeeeeem.
- F13 [Clinic]. Gets his arm mostly fixed by Raine. Spends the rest of nightshift making Mega Man shadow puppets. All in all, a productive night.

- Messages to Sun Room fight participants
- "Alternative medicine"
- Sympathy for the Douche is unacceptable!
- Vicious sheep revenge
- Top billing
- Best buddies
- Tastes like a monkey's bum
- Prelude to dinner shift

Day 48

- Soma Peries. Not the most compatible canons, yet somehow, they get along. Ish.
- Kurt. Coming Summer 2013: Douchey McDoucherton 3: The Criminal Projective.
- Kurogane. Gruff burly guys don't want to talk to random strangers in showers. Who would've guessed?
- Guybrush. I would take Advanced Pirate Bullshit Algebra in a second.

- M81-M90 Hallway. Scott leaves for the night. Later under the same thread, Porky sets fire to M85 and nearly burns Guybrush alive. It was a majorly fun time. Sorry you missed it, Scott.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Disembodied singing. *shudder*
- West Wing, South Hall 1-B. The pain of decreased kicking and running abilities.
- Main Hallway, 1-West. OH SHIT, SON. IT'S WOLVERINE. (And Carter from Hogan's Heroes!)
- Main Hallway, 1-Center. Dodging hard questions about his Xavier patch. (Bye, Carter from Hogan's Heroes!)
- Sun Room. No one here. GOOD. Go go go!
- Cafeteria. Passin' through (for once).
- Kitchen. Landel MUHAHAHA's about Project Next-Wave.
- Walk-in Refrigerator. Born to handle staircases with a crutch. Totally.
- Grand Ballroom. Pretty much your standard two-headed fire-breathing demon monster. Run.
- Walk-in Refrigerator (Again). Logan forces Scott to retreat. He sits in the fridge waiting until the end of night, which comes soon after that.

- Mental Quest
- Dramatic Marvel irony
- Ping-pong ninjas
- What makes a true warrior?

Day 49

- Neku Sakuraba. Riding the bus to Doyleton with Sora's Quieter Cousin-Twice-Removed. New costume unlocked!
- Alone. This is freakin' me out, dude. (continued below)
- Sangamon "S.T." Taylor. No way. No way I'm fictional too. What are you kidding? . . . ohgodhelp. (continued from above)
- Keman - Part 1. Scott is kind of a jerk (read: a total jerk) and tries to break Keman's fourth wall on purpose. (continued below)
- Keman - Part 2. Thankfully, Keman is a decent human being (elf-hybrid, whatever) and helps calm Scott down in spite of this. (continued from above)
- Indy. McGeneric Burgers and basement talk.
- Peter and Dr. Stein. Godzilla vs. Robot vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. Spider-man vs. Dr. Screwhead vs. the World.

- Main Hallway, 1-West Eenie meenie miney moe catch a pilgrim by the toe! Uh, uhhhhhhh, THIS WAY.
- West Wing, South Hall 1-A. I could turn around, but forward momentum dictates that I keep going. RUNRUNRUN.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-A. RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN oh hey look a detective— KABAMPH.
- Doctor's Office 10 [Dr. Burroughs]. After getting their limbs disentangled from one another (hot), Scott and his new bestest buddy Shinichi discover that they've been teleported seemingly at random. They explore the room, Scott steals borrows steals some caffeine pills from the desk, and Shinichi explains visitors. They leave with one question: will the door take them back out into the hall they just came from?
- Women's Showers (First Floor). Spoilers: lol no.
- Second Floor (Staff) Kitchen. So warping is going to be the norm tonight. Might as well take as much advantage of it as possible. Scott and Shinichi grab up some kitchen implements before skedaddling.
- Nurse Lounge. Immortal Coke... My god... It's beautiful...
- Megahit Movies. Hmm, avoid becoming zombie food... or stick around and grab the new Bionic Commando? Damn you, Landel! This is just like Sophie's Choice!
- Employee Locker Room. Scott tries his hand at detective'ing. He is the weakest link. Goodbye.
- Staff-Only Food Counter. Nothing to see here.
- Group Therapy Room 3. Or here. Oh well, guess we'll just keep moving.
- Doctor's Office 1 [Dr. Yumeno]. Or not. The door is locked because the players were trying too hard for a home world roll for unknown reasons. They're stuck. Scott decides to pass the time constructively by trashing Yumeno's computer. Shinichi follows suit and demonstrates his l33t soccer skillz on a pencil holder. Following that little spurt of bonding through violence, the door opens, and the two are able to continue thinking with portals.
- Activities Shed. Jackpot! Scott found an aluminum baseball bat! +1 Speed and Durability!
- Men's Restroom (Second Floor). This place smells like butts and stuff.
- Doctor's Office 5 [Dr. Venkman]. Third time's a charm. This time they're in Shinichi's doctor's office. Scott doesn't remember why the name Venkman is familiar (I wonder why). Anyway, Shinichi and Scott righteously break the doctor's shady unlicensed psychotherapy machine before they go.
- Homeworld - Mouri Detective Agency (Beika District, Tokyo, Japan). And suddenly, they end up at Shinichi's place back in Japan (what), and Shinichi is suddenly a seven-year-old named Conan (the hell). Freak outs follow. After calming down some, they find that no one is home and that phones and internet don't work. They find one of Shinichi's mini-detective toys before the night finally ends.

This NS in summation: Landel, you cray cray.

- They smileys... They're looking at meeeeee.



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