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[OOC: Week 2 (Day 50-56) Tracking Post]

Day 50

- Remy. Mmphrl... Portals... What? Kitchen? Mmph... Stats...
- Heat. Demons are not fans of music. Who knew?
- Sam Winchester. An unexpectedly productive talk about last nightshift leads Scott to blurt out Shinichi's little secret. Oops.
- Matt. Finally! A guy who knows his Mario from his Metroid!
- Guybrush. Talking about portal night and holy god our room was on fire why was our room on fire?!?! Porky, why such a creeper?

- M81-M90 Hallway. I'm holding out for a saaave poooooint...
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Of course I can take the basement on a gimpy leg. Why would you even question that? (Ulp.)
- Main Hallway, 1-Center. Roll call! Scott! Indy! Two-Face (allegedly)! Keman! Paleface McGee! Mr. Forehead! Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man! With our powers combined, we are...
- Sun Room. ...completely fucked.
(No, seriously. This SC encounter with Yukari involves a bajillion purple eye lasers, casual defiance of physics, Keman and Lunge breaking into gibberish, and Scott and Peter getting turned into women. WHAT. If that is not proper fucked, I don't know what is.)

- Building a party + saying hello to his little friend
- Of cinema, giant apes, and "your mom" jokes
- Aw, he never got his fortune told. :(
- Math is hard

Day 51

- Knives Chau (17 Years Old). This was unexpected.
- Agatha Heterodyne (18 Years Old). Hiding from Porky and strikes up a conversation with his camouflage.
- Indiana Jones (A Million Years Old) and Peter Parker (15 Years Old). Let us never discuss last night ever again in the history of ever. Yes?
- Shinichi Kudo (17 Years Old). Scott, stop creeping on all the teenagers today, seriously.

- M81-M90 Hallway. Shoryuken his ass into his balls... :|
- M-C Block Hallway. Little known fact: women-only areas are secretly alternate dimensions where only the pure of heart and void of penis may safely enter.
- F-A Block Hallway. Fighting grade school instincts.
- F21-F30 Hallway. Be sure to have her home by midnight.
- F-A Block Hallway. No, your day was not "good", Knives. Even Scott can see through you.
- West Wing, South Hall 1-B. Very reassuring indeed.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Scott and Knives are ready to make a run for the Activities Shed when night abruptly ends. Rude.

- Checking in with all those traumatized by the night previous
- Love me some gratuitous "u"s
- Not a doctory doctor
- Kurt's got a giiiirlfrieeeeend~!

Day 52

- Harvey Dent. a.k.a.: Two-Face, a.k.a.: Possible Two-Face Wannabe, a.k.a.: Scott wonders if he should be as okay with this guy as he is.
- Woody. F*** me, nothing is sacred anymore.
- Japan. Fellow fan located.
- Canada. At least that's not a bad title for the franchise that proves your life is a sham.
- Guybrush. But anyway, seriously: you were surprised by that, Scott? Mr. "Read the Book Next Time"? 8|

- M81-M90 Hallway. Hoping Knives stays in for the night.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Boring moving post.
- Main Hallway, 1-West. Scott meets his teammates for the night - a teenage boy with a girl's name and the guy who broke his fourth wall. They fight crime! After a creepy intercom announcement and the lights flashing on, they head out to get batteries and stuff.
- Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1. Hey guys, did you just see that?
- Main Hallway, 2-West. No seriously, you guys, is there a ninja following us or something?
- Main Hallway, 2-Center. Screw ninja - we need to get past the deadly robot girl with guns! Runrunrunrunrun!
- Main Hallway, 2-East. On the plus side, Scott got a sexy cheek scar.
- East Wing, Hall A (Second Floor). Oh right, checking to see if your teammates are okay might be a good thing to do.
- Janitor's Closet. Grabs the batteries and potential weaponry for Knives, but they have bigger things to worry about back out in the hall.
- East Wing, Hall A (Second Floor). The shadows of Scott and Canada start moving out of sync with their owners, and then step out of the walls. Scott's shadow forms itself into NegaScott, and Scott is compelled to fight him to the death for all that it represents to him. NegaScott digs into Scott's psyche and reminds him of every time he ever hurt a girl or cheated on one. Even as Scott begins to strangle his shadow self, he hears its voice in his head. Then, NegaScott catches Scott off guard by asking how Ramona is these days. NegaScott disappears at that point, and night ends.

- Checking in with Team Mental Quest and Knives (and NOT Porky)
- That was some fall
- Oh cool! Mock UN!
- Did I mention he had a SCREW through his HEAD?
- Taking a mission for A&C
- Teaming up with Roxas
- Ewoks. Ayep.

Day 53

- Indy. Scott buries the implications of the previous night's encounter and distracts himself with talk of Keman and Sun Room plans.
- Petey and Brainy. Serious bro bonding time is eventually interrupted by The Awkwardness From Planet X.
- Light. It's funny because her friend's name is "Snow". Ha. Ha ha ha.
- The Sex Bobs. Meets up with Sora, Tifa, Roxas, and a reluctant Venom for the first ever performance of Sex Bob-omb (Landel's Division). They suck royally, but everyone has fun (except Venom, who has outlawed fun).
- Threepy. HOW COME YOU GET A SWORD?!? IT'S NOT FAAAIIIR! ...Oh, and good luck on finding your wife, I guess.

- M81-M90 Hallway. The best inspirational speeches are about asses. Also, hi Neku. Have a battery.
- West Wing, South Hall 1-B. 'Scuse me, pardon me, hot date to get to, comin' through.
- Main Hallway, 1-Center. Meeting the modestly hot Senna OH MY GOD WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE A SWORD BUT ME?!!
- Main Hallway, 1-East. Denial ain't just a river in your horribly messed up subconscious.
- Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 2. Asking if Senna saw a shadow.
- Main Hallway, 2-East. Listens to Senna describe her experience, and tries to forget his own some more.
- East Wing, Hall A (Second Floor). Passes by the site of last night's fight, trying not to linger. He (mostly) succeeds.
- Patient Possessions Storage. Scott finds his possessions box, which contains a new-old shirt, a fake comic book, a wallet, and a Game Boy Color with game cartridge... and no batteries. Bitch. Also, he worries when Senna admits that there's nothing she expects to find in her own box.

- Kemaaaaaaan ;_;
- Remy's feeling better
- Swapping shadow stories
- Porky's boss music is catchy okay?
- Don't wanna talk about it
- "Dream Batteries" is a decent band name
- Patient possessions and stuff
- "Scotty"

Day 54

- Woody. Breakfast is interrupted by a food fight, then a riot (which Scott participates in), and then a healthy amount of tear gas. All in all, a good start to the day.
- Solitary Confinement. Scott is stuffed into a straitjacket and sent to solitary, where he imagines himself in a better place.
- Sechs. Might as well be high here.
- Dr. Disraeli. Still slightly high.
- Sun Room (not posted). By the order of General "The Eagle" Aguilar, Landel is fired and thrown out of his own Institute in front of everyone while he screams about altverses and the well-being of the patients. Whaaaaaaaaa?!?
- Guybrush. The Mighty Roommates™ flip out over everything that happened during the day until soldiers burst into the room, grab Scott by the arms, and drag him away kicking and screaming to his certain doom.

- Sun Room. SCOTT VS. GUYBRUSH - ROUND 1 - FIGHT! Scott gets Special Counseling, and is brainwashed into believing that he is defending Ramona from a new onslaught of evil exes. His main fight is against none other than his roommate, Guybrush Threepwood. The two have a larger than life, video-game-style fight in which Scott draws on the Power of Love (in the form of a katana) as his main weapon. Eventually, Guybrush manages to distract Scott by pointing out that there are two new challengers in the room (Andrew Carter and Doctor Facilier). Scott chases them for a bit until Guybrush calls him back over and tricks him into stepping onto a makeshift springboard. This sends him flying up to the second floor by way of cartoon physics.
- Main Hallway, 2-Center. Scott reorients himself, locates Guybrush below, and leaps over the balcony. He uses his powers of cartoon physics to his advantage in order to...
- Sun Room. ...rocket punch a couch into Guybrush's face. K.O.! YOU WIN!

- Messages for Team Mental Quest, Senna, and Knives
- This place, it just gets to you
- Sorry
- I could totally make that jump
- All for "Leotard Lad" say "aye"

Day 55

- Heiji Hattori. On top of waking up from Special Counseling, seeing the damage said "counseling" did to his roommate, finding himself in a new military uniform (complete with "SC" achievement pin), being marched into the cafeteria to find Landel's Institute turned into a boot camp, and realizing that everyone is going to want to lynch him for participating in the riot, Scott also has to face an angry friend of Shinichi's who blames Scott for the detective's disappearance. FUCK. SCOTT'S. LIFE.
- Peter. After being forced to do 200 jumping jacks and finding out that he can't eat or sit down yet, Scott goes to Peter for solace over the whole Special Counseling thing.
- Ippo Makunouchi. Has a good old fashioned complainfest and makes a new friend in the shower. Well, that's one good thing today, at least.
- Guybrush. Makes the apology of all apologies, and even after Guybrush tells him that they're cool, Scott still feels a little sick with himself. The change in food (now pink gruel) doesn't help. And finding a sword belonging to Senna — which implies that she's been "released" — really, really doesn't help. In fact, it makes him rage through the roof, and swear to get shit done tonight as a strike against Aguilar.

- M81-M90 Hallway. Inflamed with righteous indignation, Scott takes Senna's sword and heads out.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. Eager to kick some butt in Senna's name.
- Main Hallway, 1-West. Meets with tonight's team — Spider-man, Two-Face, Indiana Jones, a Neal Stephenson protagonist, and a Transformer. Awwww yeah. The basement won't know what hit it.
- Pantry 1 (First Floor). After they teleport, Scott gathers up some cereal (a.k.a.: real food). Also, the team moves in two separate OOC groups for ease of threading. Just a note for those reading back on this.
- Kitchen. I would watch Captain Opensdoors.
- Walk-in Refrigerator. Sometimes it pays to be Canadian.
- Grand Ballroom. No fire-breathing monster here tonight, thank goodness. Also, Scott calls dibs on the armory for their group.
- East Hall (Basement). The two groups part ways, thankfully not accompanied by Vanilla Ice.
- Hall of Armour. Scott finds a replica of Samus's power suit from Metroid, which has the Power of Love katana sticking out of its chest. Deciding it best to avoid that ominous sign, he opts to stick with his own weapon and follow Depth Charge into the next room.
- Weapons Range. TL;DR: robot raptors with frickin' laser beams. This fight will be incredibly sweet in hindsight.
- Grand Ballroom. Everyone makes it out, but in varying states of injury. Both groups achieved the same prize (a dinky sword), so at least one group's struggles were for absolutely nothing. Outstanding.

- Messages of general misery (except that last one; that one is vindication)
- Scott is so a jock
- Too muuuuch, the magic bus~
- Your name is what?
- Think twice before sullying a girl's hair
- Doesn't appreciate the nickname, even crossed out

Day 56

- Tear Grants. Doyleton day, despite the military takeover (new costume unlocked!). Also, Scott, seriously: stop creeping on teenage girls. 8|
- Kairi. Builds a veritable Winter Wang-derland. This time manages to avoid creeping on a teenage girl. Hey, it's a start.
- Wichita. Tells Wichita off for threatening the fourth wall, and in the process, semi-kind-of threatens her fourth wall. Justice has been served today.
- Firo Prochainezo. Explains those mysterious wonders of the future known as DVDs, ooooo.
- Guybrush. Treats the Mighty Pirate™ to a veritable feast (at least by military standards).

- M81-M90 Hallway. Don't tell me you wouldn't hate smiley faces by this point too.
- M-C Block Hallway. Starts to imagine a cold place to numb his wounds from the previous night.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-B. His imagination carries him to that first snowy date with Ramona, and for a short time, Scott feels bliss as they fly through subspace...
- West Wing, South Hall 1-B. ...until the closing door snaps him out of his fantasy. Feeling slightly empty for a moment, he moves on.
- West Wing, North Hall 1-A. Manages to pick himself up a bit by this point, reminding himself that the more he fights for Ramona, the sooner he'll get her back.
- M30. The Manly Man Slumber Party commences. Scott, Indy, Harvey, and S.T. share beers (except Scott, who sticks to cereal) and chat for a while, hoping to leaven their spirits somewhat before the next day. Eventually, the party is crashed by Tifa, who arrives back from Doyleton covered in blood and bearing gifts of alcohol and zombie arm. Ewwwwwwwww. Tifa, gross.

- Fourth Wall Clusterfuck: A New Hope
- Fourth Wall Clusterfuck: The Phantom Menace
- Screw fighting for our lives: PARTY TIME~! \o/



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