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vsyourface's Journal

Scott Pilgrim
27 September
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Scott Pilgrim vs. Landel's Institute
Name: Scott Pilgrim
Series: Scott Pilgrim
"Real" Name: Bryan Michaels
Room Number: M85
Roommate: Guybrush Threepwood (Mighty Pirate)
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'9"
Main Language: English
Second Language(s): N/A
Other Characteristics: Dopey, slack-off gamer with a heart of gold and dangerous taste in girlfriends. Can play the bass (suckily), and is pretty much the best fighter in Ontario despite not being formally trained.
Informational Link: Application [spoilers up to volume 4!]
"Real Life" Background: Patient File
Musical Samples:
Official Movie Songs: "We Are Sex Bob-omb", "Garbage Truck", "Summertime"
Fan Covers: Sex Bob-omb Song - "Launchpad McQuack", Scott's Sad Restaurant Song [Covers by newenglandvampire]
Current Status [Updated: Jun 25/11]
Health: (Hit hard on the side of the head and took a bunch of body blows from soldiers on DS 54, leaving him with a number of lovely bruises. Fought a trio of Cyber Raptors on NS 55, leaving him with laser burns on his left calf and right side, shallow claw marks on both cheeks, and a deep gash on his left forearm. The burn on his calf has healed enough that his limp is mostly gone.)
Current Limitations: See here.
Current Belongings:
  • Landel's starter pack
  • 2 garbage bags (NS 43)
  • length of pipe (NS 43)
  • outfit shown in profile picture with this shirt instead (Oktoberfest prize, NS 45)
  • extension cord (charred to a crisp, NS 48)
  • squeegee (charred to a crisp, NS 48)
  • one red wool mitten (charred to a crisp and other mitt stolen, NS 48)
  • bottle of NoDoz caffeine pills (NS 49)
  • 3 butter knives (NS 49)
  • 5 corn on the cob skewers (NS 49)
  • can of immortal Coke (NS 49)
  • aluminum baseball bat (NS 49)
  • 2 packs of spare batteries (NS 52; one battery given to Neku, NS 53)
  • box cutter (NS 52)
  • green Smashing Pumpkins logo shirt (NS 53)
  • "Z-Men" comic book (NS 53)
  • wallet (NS 53; contents - lint, expired bus transfers, provincial ID, photobooth pictures of Scott and Envy with "Bryan + Emily epic love 4ever <3" written on the bottom)
  • GameBoy Color (no batteries, NS 53)
  • Super Mario Land game cartridge (NS 53)
  • broadsword (needs sharpening, NS 55)
  • three boxes of cereal - Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Corn Flakes, Cheerios (NS 55; CTC half full as of NS 56)
  • loaf of garlic bread (DS 56)
  • 2 banana peels (DS 56)
  • carton of red tropical juice (DS 56; half full as of NS 56)
  • jar of peanut butter & jam mixed spread (DS 56)
Current Pins:
Rank: B-Class
Serial Number: 01743087M

[Strikeouts indicate dropped characters]
Totally Cool and Awesome Buds With Whether They Like It Or Not: Indiana Jones, Peter Parker, Sora, Guybrush Threepwood, Woody, Sangamon Taylor, Depth Charge Remy, Keman, Logan/Wolverine, Shinichi Kudo, Kurt Wagner
Pretty Cool With: Soma Peries, Neku Sakuraba, Sam Winchester, Honda Kiku (Japan), Tifa Lockhart, Ippo Makunouchi, Kairi, Sam (Sam & Max), Forte, Senna, Roxas, Matt
Likes Better Than He Probably Should: Harvey Dent
Major Jerkface Douchebags: Martin Landel (Possibly Gideon?!?! :O ...No. No, probably not), Erika Furudo, Red Douche (Jason Todd), Heat/Agni, Porky Minch
These People Exist: Kurogane, Sgt. Andrew Carter, Lightning, Venom, Tear Grants, Firo Prochainezo Haseo, Raine Sage, Agatha Heterodyne, Heiji Hattori
In A Band With: Sora, Tifa Lockhart, Venom
Met While High as a Kite: Sechs
Broke His Fourth Wall: Sangamon Taylor, Matthew "Other Matt" Williams (Canada)
Almost Broke Luke Skywalker's Fourth Wall and Also Is Ridiculously Hot and Scott Should Not Be Thinking About Her That Way: Wichita
: Brainiac 5
Pwned On SC Night: Guybrush Threepwood, Sgt. Andrew Carter, Doctor Facilier
17 Years Old: Chise, Knives Chau
Player Info
Name: Eryn
Personal LJ: eryncerise
AIM: darkspecterofmoe
Plurk: tenjou
Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time / GMT -7
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